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Intergrated Brake Controller with Hill Descent Assist

We are authorised suppliers and mobile installers of WiTi Integrated Brake Controllers with Hill Descent Assist for caravans and trailers. 


The WiTi integrated brake controller requires installation of the full WiTi suite including the wireless interface which comes with the WiTi anti-theft system.  


The latest version of our Wireless Brake Controller which is now portable and requires no installation. The WiTi Electric Brake Controller plugs into a standard 12V cigarette lighter socket and includes an LCD screen and a dial for gain adjustment and manual override.

The WiTi Brake Controller is a proportional controller that applies braking to the caravan or trailer in proportion to the rate of deceleration plus it offers two significant safety innovations - Hill Descent Assist and Brake Smoothing.

Hill Descent Assist improves safety and control when descending steep hills. All proportional brake controllers use inertia to determine the braking force applied to the brakes. The firmer the braking the more inertia is generated and braking is applied on the caravan or trailer in proportion. However, when descending steep hills the driver of the tow vehicle typically feathers the brakes to maintain speed - this generates no inertia as there is no deceleration. As a result there is no braking applied to the caravan or trailer and the tow vehicle is being pushed down the hill. WiTi Hill Descent Assist eliminates this by measuring the angle of descent and applying the brakes relative to the gain setting on the dash mounted dial. The steeper the descent the more braking is applied resulting in a safer more controlled descent.

Brake Smoothing eliminates the sharp and annoying jolting that may occur with other brake controllers. With WiTi the output to the electric brakes on the caravan or trailer is measured and smoothed electronically to provide a more comfortable and safer towing experience and eliminate harsh jolting.

Alternatively, we can also install Redarc and other brands of brake controllers.

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